BAGMA Direct Launches

Products tailored to your business

BAGMA has launched its own buying group, BAGMA Direct. The launch will give BAGMA members direct access to product discounts and savings from over 70 suppliers.

Keith Christian, BAGMA director, said: “This is an exciting move that will help make our members more aware of what they have access to with their membership. Members have always had access to the full range of products and suppliers through Bira Direct, but with this launch they will have instant access to over 70 suppliers, with products specifically tailored to their agricultural and garden machinery businesses.”

BAGMA Direct will be run in conjunction with Bira Direct, one of the key services offered by BAGMA’s parent association, the British Independent Retailers Association (Bira). It will offer members access to preferential buying terms on products specifically tailored to their businesses, opening new opportunities that will also save their businesses and themselves time and money.

“It’s the same template, the same culture and the same philosophy as Bira Direct, explained Jeff Moody, managing director of Bira Direct and commercial director of Bira. “The reason for the branding change is to raise greater awareness of the service amongst BAGMA members, providing relevant industry products for their businesses.”

Some of the key benefits for BAGMA members purchasing through Direct include; 30 days end of month credit (subject to T&Cs), exclusively negotiated discounts, preferential terms, reduced minimum order quantities, rebates from selected suppliers and easy access to your invoices digitally – anytime, anywhere and on any device with Invoice Manager.

New users will earn a 1% rebate on winter spend if they open an account and purchase before December 2019. Current Direct users will earn a 1% rebate on their spend between October-December 2019, if they spend more compared to the same period last year.

BAGMA has been serving the industry for over 100 years now, and the launch of BAGMA Direct is another huge positive step forward for members.

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