BAGMA National Dealer Survey/Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) 2017/2018

Each year BAGMA sends out a survey questionnaire around June for its National Dealer Survey or DSI. For the second year running we are sending the survey in a digital format, but only to the head offices of those companies we have listed as a holding tractor franchise. The questions are the same and the confidentiality of the individual of the individual responses will remain intact. Where companies have two or three franchises separate digital surveys will be sent for each brand.

We have worked together with our European colleagues to stream line this process but still maintain its confidentiality and the breadth of distribution to ensure the results are meaningful and can be made available in a more timely manner to dealers and manufacturers. Unfortunately last year’s returns on this new digital system were very low and we have been unable to publish information due to the limited responses. We would very much appreciate your support, if you receive the Survey Email, in filling out this survey this year to enable us to provide you with helpful information about your suppliers and to encourage suppliers to improve their service to you.

The research model was developed by CLIMMAR, the international dealers’ trade organisation umbrella group for agricultural machinery dealers. BAGMA has been a member of CLIMMAR since 1955. The purpose of the survey is to collect dealers’ opinions in different countries concerning tractor manufacturers, how they care about their dealers and what are their weaknesses that need improvement. The overall country results and the overall European results of the survey are shared with manufacturers to encourage them to improve their relationship with their dealers. The survey is anonymous.

A link on the email received will take you to your individual survey form which can be completed and returned by email. If you have more than one brand you will receive separate forms for each brand. The electronic forms can be saved and returned but only one is provided per brand for each dealer Please help us make the most of this survey by allowing your various departmental managers to contribute to their respective sections for the survey and ensure that you have your say in how your tractor suppliers can improve their support for you.

Reminder emails will be sent out over the next few weeks but the deadline to respond will be the 20th July. The results of the survey will be made available later in the year and will be posted on the BAGMA web site. We will advise when the results are ready.