Brightcrop: The Future

AHDB’s Legacy Plan for Brightcrop

Earlier this year AHDB revealed its new three year stratergy to inspire farmers, growers and industry to succeed in a rapidly changing world and promote growth for agriculture post Brexit. As part of this, the organisation took the opportunity to re-evaluate other key areas, including its work in the education and careers environment to ensure it continues to provide best value for the farmers and growers it represents.

AHDB’s position in the careers arena has focussed on Brightcrop, a project set up to encourage and support entry into the agricultural industry by providing information and training to organisations already delivering careers advice and support.

The careers landscape, however, remains crowded with a variety of organisations all competing for the same audience, same messages and same funding. Whilst there is some good work going on, there is duplication and limited understanding of who the audience are, what they want and more importantly what they need.

Policy changes are also driving a steep change in how careers advice is delivered with a change from single sector activity to an alignment across all land-based sectors.

With this changing landscape in mind and the recent resignation of Katie Garner, AHDB’s Brightcrop manager, the levy board has decided to champion and support a single careers initiative through collaborative working and use of existing third party expertise. THis move will maintain the organisation’s commitment to supporting careers activity, however, it will mean the closeure of the Brightcrop project.

As a legacy, AHDB will produce a final project report to capture learnings and to support the development of a wider recruitment strategy for the land-based sectors. It will also consider the merits of investment in labour market information to further support other careers initiatives as appropriate. In times this work will also help support the development of tools and resources.

AHDB will continue to support this important area of work and will work hard to ensure the Brightcrop legacy is not lost.