CLIMMAR Congress Overview

At the CLIMMAR congress, a new project group dedicated to the garden machinery branch premiered. Another premiere, a world premiere even, was the launch of the CLIMMAR branch index.

The new garden machinery branch project group will focus on creating branch reports that reflect the economic situation and trends for garden machinery dealer’s business and market.

The CLIMMAR branch index is derived from the half year branch reports surveys and shows the business cycle for European ag machinery dealers. The index might be new, because CLIMMAR has a vast database with historical branch reports data, the business cycle dates years back and trends can be determined.


Pierre Prim, the President of French member association SEDIMA, was elected to extent the CLIMMAR Board as Vice President.

At the 65th CLIMMAR Congress that took place in Prague (Czech Republic) from 4 to 6 October, the CLIMMAR Board was extended with a third Vice President. Pierre Prim, the President of French member association SEDIMA, was elected to extent the CLIMMAR Board. The Board now consists of President Erik Hogervorst (NL), Joost Merckx (B), Ludger Gude (D) and Pierre Prim (F).

After voting, these two CLIMMAR positions papers were finalised and agreed upon.

Unanimous conclusions were drawn on the final position paper of smart farming. This includes amongst others that CLIMMAR aims to participate in the round table of the Code of Conduct on Agricultural Data Exchange and aims to become a signatory party for this Code of Conduct. Gerard Heerink (NL) was voted as the CLIMMAR representative.

The position paper on collaboration was also finalised. It focuses on better conditions for dealers and distributors in distribution and service agreements.

A third position paper on education and training is in preparation and will be finalised at the spring forum in March 2019. The presentation of the proposal of the position paper was followed by group discussions on the most important issues to include in the paper.

The final day of the congress was opened by Mr. Jiří Šír, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Mr. Jiří Šír presented the structure and economic importance of agriculture in the Czech Republic and he also stressed the importance of maintaining the existing budget for the CAP-reform (Common Agricultural Policy). According to Šír, the CAP should also include smart farming as a tool to help make farming more sustainable. But, he also said that ‘Farmers are tired of bureaucracy and that it is time for action.’

The Deputy Minister was followed by presentations of Lina Tuvesson-Hallman (Maskin Leverantörerna, S) and Gerard Heerink (Fedecom, NL) on best practices in educational developments. Anton Verlaan, vocational education and learning consultant at Dutch OOM, ‘If employees are our greatest asset, then why do we treat them as cattle’.

climmar conference
Richard Jenkins, Brian Sangster, LIne Tuvesson-Hallman (Swedish General Secretary), Elliot Prior and Keith Christian