Graham Stannard Retires from the AEA after 31 years

In 1988 Margaret Thatcher was still in power; Cliff Richard and Kyle were top of the pops; the BEANO headed into its 50th year and Graham Stannard joined the AEA.

Many of you will know Graham. He joined forces with Chris Evans to complement the Economics team in the Association’s collection of statistics and based out of the prestigious offices on Buckingham Gate, he spent 6 weeks in London prior to the epic move to Peterborough.

Over the years, Graham has been instrumental in developing and providing high quality, accurate and timely statistics to our participating members, never pushing but subtly chasing, Graham was certain to give you a call if you hadn’t sent your data. Graham is famous for his articulation and phenomenal word-smith skills. He has been the office proof reader and prose specialist for public messages and membership communications for many many years and has also delved into documenting the association’s history on several occasions.

If you’re not familiar with the statistics programmes, you will more than likely recognise Graham from the shows and events circuits in his super capacity for membership liaison. Graham took pride in knowing his contacts personally and made a point of touching base with all his contacts at every possible opportunity. I only hope myself and the new members of the team can suitably take up the mantle.

Graham has seen many changes in personnel and in systems over the years and in mentioning the new team, in particular in Economics and Marketing, the incredible value that Graham has lent to ensuring seamless handovers and knowledge transfer and in bringing a smooth transition to the organisation, cannot be underestimated. He has personally offered exceptional support to all of us during this time.

Graham will be known to members of the Milking Equipment Association and all the European Associations and has worked with most of the members at some point during his time at the AEA, providing assistance to everyone in one way or another. More than anything we all know Graham for his soft-spoken ways, for his kindness and patience, for his person-ability and fabulous sense of humour. Although seemingly quiet and reserved on the outside, he was rather partial to a joke or a pun and when he was centre stage, he would absolutely engage and compel his audience.

Graham retires to Perth, Scotland with his beautiful wife Wilma and we know he will cherish the time he can now spend with his grandchildren.

Graham, all the very best from all of us at BAGMA.

Source: AEA

An AEA staff lunch, helping Graham celebrate his retirement!