High usage of diesel fuel filters

The buzz around the machinery displays and farmers at the Agriscot show recently in Edinburgh concerned an unusually high demand for diesel fuel filters in Scotland and parts of the UK.

This was being put down to the higher Bio Ethanol content in diesel fuel being affected by the cold weather. Two recent articles published by the Scottish Farmer have highlighted the issue and also reported on a temporary solution. We’ve provided links below for the full articles at the end of this Briefing.

BAGMA have asked several members to provide comparisons month on month comparing 2018 usage with 2019 usage. Dealer figures in Scotland show as much as a four-fold increase in fuel filter demand in October and November compared to the same period in 2018. Figures for the North Midlands show a slight increase but vary between tractor brands.

It appears to be related to the bio content being used by different refineries and related to low temperatures. Other parts of the UK may be affected in different ways.

For more info on the issue as it was first reported: Click here

There have now been further updates to the issue: Click here

Source: Brian Henderson, The Scottish Farmer.