Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) 2018 conference to focus on knowledge exchange in agricultural engineering

Conference at the Royal Academy of Engineering, Prince Carlton House, London SW1Y 5DG on Tuesday 6 November 2018

Successful collaboration between industry and research institutions is crucial to bring new technologies and innovations into the agricultural supply chain. This conference will explore positive engineering partnerships between industry, research and academia.

The conference is for everyone interested in bringing new technologies and innovative know-how into the agricultural supply chain.

Delegates will find out about:

  • New technological developments in modern agricultural engineering and AgriTech
  • The challenges of knowledge exchange and industry/university partnerships
  • Knowledge exchange best practice
  • What you need to consider for successful collaboration

Delegates can take part in short elevator pitches to spark others’ interest in a project, idea, technology or product, hopefully leading to collaborative partnerships.

Professor Jane Rickson, President Elect of IAgrE will chair the conference. “Linking industry needs with research ‘know-how’ is at the heart of UK agriculture meeting its productivity potential. The aim of the conference is to share ‘best practice’ in effective knowledge exchange in agricultural engineering, delivering tangible benefits for both agribusinesses and research partners,” said Professor Rickson.

The line-up of speakers will include:

  • Dr Susannah Bolton Knowledge Exchange Director of the Agricultural and Horticulture Development Board
  • Keith Norman Technical Director at Velcourt
  • Professor Keith Ridgway CBE Executive Dean of the AMRC Group

Short presentations from a number of current industry and research collaborations where Knowledge Exchange has led to a successful outcome are from:

  • Harper Adams University/Precision Decisions – Hands-free Hectare
  • Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology/Tesco’s ‘Smart Refrigeration’
  • Cranfield University – ‘Strip Tillage’ – in partnership with Frontier Ag Ltd

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