National Dealer Survey 2019 – collecting dealers’ opinions on tractor manufacturers.

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Each year BAGMA sends out a dealer survey questionnaire for its National Dealer Survey (otherwise known as Dealer Satisfaction Index/DSI).

The purpose of the survey is to collect tractor dealers’ opinions in different countries concerning tractor manufacturers, their strengths and weaknesses. The overall country results and the overall European results of the survey are shared with manufacturers to encourage them to improve their relationship with dealers. The survey is completely anonymous.

In 2019 the survey will be sent out on the 8th April, reminders will be sent out over several weeks and the survey will close on the 20th May. UK results will be available from September onwards and the overall European survey results will be presented at a press conference at the Agritechnica show in Hanover in November and be on general release after November.

What questions will I be asked to give feedback for?

The questions are the same as 2018 and the confidentiality of the individual responses will remain intact. Where companies have two or three franchises, separate emails will be sent for each brand to the named person we have on file.

How will I receive the survey?

We are sending the survey in a digital format by email to the head offices of those companies we have listed as holding a tractor franchise and who have been included in the survey previously.

Last year a number of emails were either spammed or simply not opened. If you add the email address to your address list, it will avoid spam filters. Please could you ensure that you open the email or check your spam filters when you receive a reminder about completing the survey, or contact BAGMA with a valid email address.

Looking to update the email address you would like the survey sent to? Simply complete the form below to submit your up-to-date email address.

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