16 Mar 2021

Fill in survey on how apprenticeships are delivered for next review of standards

People involved in the Land-based Engineering sector are being asked to take part in a review of the Apprenticeship Standards for the Institute for Apprentices and Technical Education (IFATE).

It forms part of t he due diligence process following three years of delivery of the new standards. Through the Land-based Training & Education Committee (LE-TEC), the apprenticeship working group has re-formed and will carry out the review. It’s a pivotal and extremely important exercise for us to go through as an industry. As well as demonstrating and substantiating our impact to the IFATE, it will set the future pathway for our new technicians and improve any training that they receive.

In an attempt to encourage maximum input from industry, we are asking anyone who has been involved in the LBE Apprenticeship Standards, specifically Service Engineer ST0242 (level 2) and Technician ST0243 (level 3), to respond to the survey (link below).

We need responses from the apprentices themselves, the manufacturers who offer apprenticeship schemes, all employers who take on apprentices and the training providers. We are looking for feedback on the land-based engineering apprenticeship Standards, which are delivered in England only. Any comments on the Framework apprenticeship currently delivered in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales and previously in England are not relevant and will prove confusing to those reviewing the standards.

The survey has been launched to encourage wide participation in the review from industry members and is an extremely important part of the process. The results of the survey when collated will offer the working group a starting point to engage in the review process and assist in the efficient use of the working groups time.

Who should respond?
Those involved in Service Engineer ST0242 (level 2) and Technician ST0243 (level 3), England only, namely :
Apprentices having achieved the apprenticeship standards
• Apprentices undergoing apprenticeship standards
Employers / employer's representatives / mentors with apprentices on standards
Manufacturer's representatives offering apprenticeship programmes
Training providers delivering the apprenticeship standards

Can we ask that you complete the survey (if applicable to you) and pass the link on to as many relevant contacts as possible? The survey is designed to cover a broad range of participants we would therefore ask that you only complete the sections relevant to your experience and involvement with the land-based engineering standards.

Start the survey now