01 Mar 2021

Brexit and Covid will challenge us, but there is light at the end of the tunnel

A speedy vaccination programme could see life return to ‘normal’ in the months ahead, writes BAGMA Director Keith Christian.

The Covid pandemic is very much an ongoing issue which we may be stuck with for some time yet. However, with more than 20 million people vaccinated at the time of writing this piece and an expectation of around half a million a day being immunised, we must surely be looking at a brighter outcome for 2021.

People and businesses are adapting as best they can, and our industry has remained open; most reports are that we are doing well.

Some issues of product and spare parts shortages are being reported as a result of manufacturing issues to do with Covid and a few issues with importing goods because of Brexit. This may well have a knock-on effect throughout 2021.

This issue of the BAGMA Bulletin is highlighting BAGMA training to emphasise that government guidance does allow face-to-face training as necessary and provided all the necessary precautions are taken to protect both staff being trained and the trainers. BAGMA training is mostly carried out at dealers’ premises avoiding unnecessary travel and in an environment that staff should be comfortable with.

BAGMA is on hand to offer HR and legal advice to members and provide clarity where we can on government guidance as well as a raft of member services. We have also launched a new website – a more interactive platform for members and the industry as a whole to use as required.

I encourage all readers to visit our new website for the latest News and Resources.

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Article written by Keith Christian, BAGMA Director.