22 Sep 2020

Compulsory for retail staff to wear face masks

It will be compulsory for all retail workers in England to wear face masks, it has been announced today.

Waiters, bar staff and taxi drivers will also have to wear face coverings – and there will be fines for those who do not do so.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson today (Tuesday, September 22) in a bid to curb the current rise in coronavirus cases.

All hospitality venues, including bars, restaurants and pubs in England, will have to close at 10pm from Thursday (September 24). The hospitality sector will be restricted to table service only.

The PM also announced that being Covid-secure is now law and that those breaching the guidance could be fined, or closed down.

Andrew Goodacre, Bira CEO – BAGMA’s parent company, said: “Bira wants to keep shopping safe and retailers have already played a significant role in reducing the number of infections.

“The announcement making face coverings mandatory for retail work is will be implemented as we have done with all the other guidelines.

“Furthermore, Bira believes that reminding everyone – businesses and customers – to use hand sanitiser on entering the shops is even more important as it remains the best way if keeping people safe.

“Finally, whilst we accept these new restrictions are necessary, it will most likely result in a further reduction in footfall on the streets. Independent retailers will need more support to survive a very tough winter.”

Read the Government’s full statement here