14 Sep 2021

E10 fuel introduced on UK forecourts

From the start of September, E10 fuel will be introduced to garage forecourts in the UK.

This means there will be a 10% ethanol content in the fuel compared to E5 which has 5%.

This is a problem for older vehicles as it can cause corrosion and impact seals. It is a problem for any motorised equipment as it is Hydroscopic and absorbes water which can cause condensation in fuel tanks where fuel is left for long periods of times. This is a problem for petrol lawnmowers and outdoor power equipment.

Choices at the pump will still include E5 but this is likely to be more expensive than E10.

More details here

The RAC has further details of how the changes could affect you here

Information on the use of fuel in lawnmowers was published in The Sun, here

And here's some info from alternative fuel providers Aspen Fuel