05 Feb 2020

Innovations at LAMMA 2020

The event was packed with exciting new products. Here are some of the best LAMMA innovations…


Precision farming applications, GPS guidance, ISOBUS and data telematics were among the digital technologies highlighted by McCormick manufacturer Argo Tractors at LAMMA. Not least on the new 230/240hp McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive that launched a four-model range of more powerful stepless drive tractors for 2020.

As a result of a global partnership with Topcon Agriculture, a factory-installed guidance-ready option is now available for 141-310hp McCormick X8 VT-Drive, X7 VT-Drive and X7 P6-Drive tractors, as well as a suite of precision farming applications for different Topcon terminals.


The Argo Tractors stand also featured the 264-310hp McCormick X8 VT-Drive flagship of the range (pictured), the 205/225hp X7.690 and 141/150hp X7.440 with P6-Drive powershift to illustrate the extremes of the popular X7 Series, and examples of the X6.4 series with both powershift and continuously variable transmissions.


Razorback launched a new range of flail mowers at the event. The line-up includes lightweight machines for compact tractors through to heavy-duty options for the agricultural and amenity user. The RK DS Series, is fitted with a front -and rear-mountable headstock, double-skin chassis and an anti-shock rotor. Available in widths up to 3.2m, these are heavy-duty, high-output machines for dense overgrown vegetation and grassland.

With a cutting width of five metres, the Razorback RT 500 mower features solid construction and efficient rotary blade action for the most demanding agricultural and amenity operations. It is fitted with the high-spec Bondioli & Pavesi gearboxes and drivelines. The 250HP driveline assembly provides ample power to the wing mower’s three triple-blade rotors.

KUHN SB 1290iD

Kuhn Farm Machinery won three silver medals at LAMMA 2020. Success in the Future Innovation category came for the KUHN I-SPRAY, a development in spot spraying technology that will allow targeted application of herbicides. Kuhn’s Intellimix advanced mixer control system took silver in the Livestock Innovation category. A feature on the company’s triple vertical auger Euromix I 39.3 DL mixer wagon on show at LAMMA, the system works via a continuously variable transmission that is integrated into the tractor controls through ISOBUS. This allows a reduction in start-up torque by up to 50% and – through automated changes to auger speeds in response to loading – optimises the use of power throughout the mixing and feeding process.


The silver award in the Arable Innovation category recognises KUHN’s development of its TWINPACT double plunger system, which allows up to 25% higher square bale density without the need for greater tractor power. The plunger operates with split impact, in which the bottom half of the plunger hits the bale first followed by the top half, using the full force available on each impact. This eliminates the need for an oversized driveline, flywheel or mainframe. Available on KUHN’s new SB 1290iD (pictured), the system provides the potential for increased handling, transport and storage efficiencies in all situations, most notably in the growing market for energy crops.

Drone Ag

New easy to use drone technology that will help farmers to walk crops more efficiently was unveiled by Drone Ag.


Skippy Scout is a crop monitoring app that uses drones to automatically capture images which are analysed by artificial intelligence to offer arable farmers vital broad acre crop insight. The phone-based app uses GPS and mapping software to fly a drone to points in a field selected by the farmer. The images taken by the drone are interpreted by the app to provide an accurate green area index and count emerging plants. The quality of image collected can also identify weeds and is accurate enough to capture insect damage on a single leaf.


Mzuri, the British manufacturer of strip tillage machinery, displayed its Pro-Til Select single pass drill, which can drill in a choice of narrower or wider row spacings. The narrow 33cm row spacing suits crops such as wheat, barley and oats whilst the wider 66cm rows make the Select models ideal for crops such as maize, oilseed rape and legumes.


OPICO launched AN ultra-low disturbance subsoiler in response to the widely acknowledged thinking that reducing the mixing of soil horizons will improve soil health. It is also well documented that reduced surface disturbance is essential in fighting grassweeds. Where a min-till or no-till regime is employed, either constantly or during the rotation, there is a growing demand for effective, low disturbance subsoiling to loosen and fracture the medium depth subsoil to relieve compaction thus assisting drainage, aeration, nitrogen uptake and encouraging crop rooting.

OPICO has taken this customer feedback onboard and has worked with HE-VA to design a totally new ultra-low disturbance subsoiler specifically for the UK market. The HE-VA Stealth is a medium depth, ultra-low disturbance subsoiler. Its scalloped straight, front cutting discs cut through trash, vegetation and top soil, reduce soil burst and in turn grassweed germination.

Legs are staggered in 2 rows to allow residue flow through the machine and reduce the required tractor lift capacity whilst maintaining a lower HP requirement. Leg spacing is standard at 500mm but can be altered to 450mm, 500mm or 550mm, adding versatility for differing soil types and conditions.

JCB new forks

As well as launching the WFT Fastrac Two, JCB introduced an improved, higher volume attachment for handling grass and maize into silage clamps. Engineered to fully exploit the enhanced performance of JCB’s latest agricultural wheeled loaders, the JCB 419S and 435S, the new forks come in two sizes, folding out from a compact width for road travel. They have working widths of 3.62m and 4.40m, folding to 2.97m with the wings locked in place. An optional lighting kit and tine guard are available for added safety when on the move, and when the fork is not in use, an integral storage dock keeps hydraulic hose couplings out of the dirt.



Continental launched Agriculture TyreTech, a new mobile app to help farmers use tyres more efficiently. The pressure and load calculator in the app checks the tyre pressure and the load of the vehicle and makes a recommendation to the operator based on the tyres fitted to the vehicle. Using a database of all available Continental tyres, the app is able to cross reference the properties of the tyre with the load of the vehicle and recommend the best tyre pressure. Sales manager Richard Hutchins explained: “The appwill reduce soil compaction, reduce tyre wear, increase efficiency and lower fuel consumption.” In addition to the pressure and load calculator, the app also offers technical information on all Continental agricultural tyres and a useful conversion table.


The driving ease and productivity benefits of CVT transmissions technology available in latest Landini tractors was the focus of the Landini section of the Argo Tractors stand. Argo manufactures V-Shift versions of the 166hp to 192hp six-cylinder 7 Series tractors, the 141hp to 176hp four-cylinder 7 Series, and also the 114hp to 140hp four-cylinder Landini 6C tractors.

At LAMMA, Landini CVT technology was showcased by the series-topping 6-145C V-Shift, a high-specification midrange machine with 130hp for draft work and up to 140hp for transport and pto implement applications.

Landini product specialist Andy Starbuck noted that manufacturers first introduced CVT technology in the most powerful arable tractors. “But has since filtered down to smaller models, giving livestock and smaller arable farms, and commercial horticulture, access to the features and benefits it offers,” he said. “Argo Tractors was among the first manufacturers to offer CVT in the 100-140hp power bracket and farmers operating tractors of that size are beginning to appreciate what it has to offer for field and loader work.”