19 Nov 2021

BAGMA Launch a new Tractor-Trailer Inspection & Brake Testing Scheme

For around 20 years BAGMA have been providing training for dealer technicians on brake performance testing and tractor and trailer inspections and reporting as well as working with the landbased engineering sector, DfT, NFU, NAAC, AEA and others to ensure that agricultural vehicles are maintained to a high standard and are safe and fit for purpose.

It is important to inspect and assess the physical condition of a vehicle to ensure it remains roadworthy and safe.

Testing a tractor or trailer’s braking performance is the only way to ensure a system is operating properly and meeting the legal braking performance required by legislation.

BAGMA Tractor-Trailer Inspection & Brake Testing enables trained dealers to provide a valuable service to their customers

  • Documented vehicle inspection and brake performance testing in a single package

-     Gives the Customer confidence that a machine will satisfy statutory requirements, or

-     Highlights vehicle issues which need to be addressed

The Training

The new BAGMA Tractor-Trailer Inspection and Brake Testing Course is a comprehensive training course designed for competent and experienced technicians with a proven technical background.

Key Points:-

  • Two day course incorporating both ‘class room’ and practical training
  • Can be held at a dealer’s premises or other suitable venue
  • Can accommodate 4 - 6 people (depending on the facilities available)
  • Delivered by an experienced industry trainer
  • Course material includes a comprehensive training / reference guide. Covers all aspects of the course and provides a ‘go-to’ reference for future use
  • Written examination at end of the 1st day. Candidates must ‘pass’ to continue with 2nd day of training

On successful completion of the course, each candidate will receive:-

  • a Digital Certificate
  • a BAGMA photo ID skills card
  • the Course Reference Guide
  • Vehicle inspection & test reporting forms, which
    • Provide a logical guide through each procedure
    • Can be kept as proof of vehicle inspections and brake performance tests
    • Provide details of any issues found to the vehicle owner/operator

Candidate’s company details will be registered on the BAGMA website.  Details of individual candidates will be held by BAGMA for 5 years after which a (shorter) refresher course will be required.

BAGMA members receive a 20% discount on all BAGMA training courses.


For further information contact; or call BAGMA on 01295 713344