06 Aug 2021

AEA releases tractor registration data for July 2021

The Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) has released its tractor registration data for July, 2021.     

UK registrations of agricultural tractors (over 50hp) were once again higher than a year before in July. At 1,019 machines, the monthly figure was 7% higher than in July 2020 but was below average for the time of year.

Given the extremely strong figure for June, this may just be a case of monthly fluctuations, although supply chain challenges linked to Covid-19 have affected the sector, as with most of manufacturing. The total number of tractors registered during the year to date reached 7,864 machines, 23% higher than by the same point last year and 7% above the 5-year average for January to July.

 Month:                                1,019 Units         +7.0% change (compared with July 2020)

Year to Date:                      7,864 Units         +22.6% change (compared with January-July 2020)             


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