01 Mar 2021

Smoother, more efficient workflow – thanks to Ibcos Gold

When approaching the challenge of technician efficiency, it is a best practice to start with the root cause. For Tallis Amos Group (TAG), the issue was not with the technicians themselves, but with an inefficient process.

TAG recently said goodbye to paper timesheets and extraneous manual labour, and helped their technicians work smarter whilst managing a larger workload. Ibcos spoke to Richard Allard, the group service manager for the dealership, to learn more.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors as a dealership?

Richard: “We have always been a family business so our customers can expect care, response, and friendly help. We are fairly strong in the technology side of things as well. We have had our own John Deere Ag Management Solutions consultants for a number of years.We’re also quite a diverse business. We work with vegetable growers, solid crop growers, and biogas businesses.”

When did you implement the Ibcos Gold dealership management system, and what was the initial reason for it?

“It has been in place since the late 90s. If you are in the agricultural machinery business in the UK, Ibcos is the only quality provider.

When did you implement gold service?

Richard: “We were the second dealer in the UK to do it. We went live in early 2018. We had been looking for a solution for a long time; we wanted something that was mobile phone-based and had the ability to record hours.The link to Gold was what stood out. Gold service will put the hours straight onto the job card. If we had gone with any of the other systems, we would need an employee to get that information into Gold. That repetition of effort was not much further forward than running paper timesheets.That is where we’ve managed to see a massive improvement in terms of efficiency, and we experienced a reduction in administration staff as a result.”

What's the biggest benefit of gold service?

Accurate time reporting has been a tremendous benefit. We are forward-thinking with monitoring utilisation, so accurate time reporting is a big thing for us. The fact that we could invoice earlier has made a significant difference. Now we invoice on a weekly instead of monthly basis. We can’t really see any advantage in invoicing sooner than that. “We’ve also seen an improvement in work in progress. Historically, it was the technicians who were the biggest hold-up, getting their job sheets written up and their time charts in. Now we have a much bigger workload and the technicians are no longer the bottleneck. As soon as they finish their job, they are prompted to complete the job in the system.”

What was your workshop like before the implementation?

“All of our depots other than one were on paper. That means timesheets and paper scanners. Then we would have to switch that over and input it into an electronic system. The technicians like this streamlined way of doing things.”

How has Gold Service changed your service department overall?

“I’d say that it made us much more efficient, especially when it comes to administrative tasks. As a result, we have been able to reduce our administration staff. With the change of invoices to weekly, we have a smoother workflow. Now, with all of our depots, we are running with just two administrators, and their tasks include warranties and service work.”