Three Retail Trends in 2021/2022: Neo Luxe, Reset, Togetherness

11 Jun 2021

Scarlet Opus features at the Exclusivley Show to give attendees insightful advise into trend talks and trend displays.

Trend consultants Scarlet Opus are once again supporting the show, with trend talks and trend displays. Scarlet Opus provides in-depth descriptions about the future wants and needs of consumers, how people will be living, and what the key trends are in the products they will be buying: the colours, materials, patterns, textures and shapes. By identifying trends which are relevant to the housewares sector, scarlet opus highlights key products that you should buy, taking some of the risk out of your buying plan.

Exclusively Homewares 2021 2

Trend talks at Exclusively

Scarlet Opus will present two trend talks in the trend hub which this year is just off the main first floor gallery.

Why is an understanding of trends so important? Designs Trends for interiors emerge (currently) with the seasons, they will emerge and permeate the world of fashion and housewares, whether you understand them, are aware of them, follow them ... or not.

Understanding the causes of trends, why & what they are gives retailers insight into how their customers are feeling and what they want to surround themselves with.

Armed with this knowledge a retailer can develop an instore experience that will attract and engage consumers, purchase products in made using the materials, colours, patterns and shapes that will satisfy the prevailing wants, needs and desires of their customers. Merchandising displays is given direction & purpose. Knowledge & use of future trend insights is like harnessing the power of a Perfect Storm and using it to power your business.

Trend Intelligence can and will, future proof your business.

Trend display at Exclusively

Also located in the trend hub will the Scarlet Opus trend display, featuring exhibitor products that fit within three key buying trends, as selected by Scarlet opus. The three design trends will guide the styling of interiors over the next eighteen months. the team at Scarlet opus will be on hand to talk buyers and visitors through the displays.


Trend tours at Exclusively

Throughout the two days the team at Scarlet Opus will run dedicated tours of the show to highlight the trends and products consumers will be looking for.

Recommended on trend products awards

Throughout your time at the show look out for the “recommended on Trend product” awards around the exhibition stands. these have all been selected by Scarlet Opus as fitting the three key trends for 2021/22.

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The Three Trends for 2021/2022

The importance of understanding trends and their potential impact on your business is huge and the show includes details of three key trends in interiors.


Neo Luxe

The dark, seductive beauty of this trend offers citizens an escape from everyday woes, bringing romance, little luxuries & forgotten pleasures into their lives. It is a study in tension between ornateness & restraint as historical design details are reformed to arrive at something new. The culinary direction explores food’s capacity to be an expression of love.


This trend focuses on positive changes that can help to tilt the world towards a more sustainable future. With a renewed respect for the planet we reset our relationship with Nature for the good of all living things. It is a base from which to share knowledge and play a positive role as we seek to tread more lightly on the Earth.


The rise in social unrest is uniting people globally in new waves of activism that brings likeminded tribes of citizens together. However, there is also the rise of the perma-offended and ‘cancel culture’. This tug of war between approval and disapproval makes reaching open-mindedness challenging… but not impossible.

Heightened public opinion draws attention to the obligations we all have to be better informed; to listen and be considerate with a spirit of goodwill and demonstrate empathy, respect, support and inclusivity. By looking on the bright-side this trend provides positivity, generosity and openness via which individuals, communities and businesses dare to be creative, do things differently, collaborate, be unconventional and thrive.

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