Changes to UK borders after Brexit

When the UK leaves the EU on December 31, 2020, there will be changes to procedures at the country’s borders.

Here, we provide the latest news from the Government relating to those changes:

EU Transition Trader and Industry Forum
As part of our preparations to support business and industry to get ready for the end of the
transition period, we have launched an EU Transition Trader and Industry Forum . The forum
is designed so that you can ask questions about the preparations you need to make now for
the new rules to EU trade which will apply from 1 January 2021.

EU Transition: Guide to preparations for January 1, 2021
Hauliers can now access a guide to the changes they need to take ahead of 1 January.
The Haulier Handbook is a one-stop-shop for key information on how to prepare vehicles
and the goods they carry to continue travelling smoothly across the border and help
minimise disruption. The handbook will be printed into hard copies, available at the Haulier Information Sites, as well as translated into multiple EU languages over the next week.

Haulier Information & Advice sites
45 Haulier Information and Advice Sites are now open across the UK for advice on how to
prepare for the end of the transition period.
Support includes multi-lingual in-person advice on new border changes, the Hauliers
Handbook and training on the ‘Check an HGV’ service.

BPDG contact
BPDG moved into the Cabinet Office on June 1 and staff are now operating with Cabinet
Office email addresses. If you are unable to contact anyone within BPDG, you can contact
the enquiries mailbox and the email will be forwarded to the relevant person or team.
Please use for enquiries.

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