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Hello, we are the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association, but you can call us BAGMA

The British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) supports thousands of independent agricultural, garden and ground care machinery dealers across the UK providing support and services to industry. BAGMA is a specialist division of The British Independent Retailers Association (Bira).

BAGMA’s heritage goes back to its 1917 inception as the National Association of Agricultural Engineers and Implement Dealers, becoming BAGMA in 1972. BAGMA represents the interests of its members and industry as a whole by campaigning to improve the trading conditions for dealers within the UK by working together with other industry partners and various government departments.

We’re stronger together

The Land-based Engineering Sector has over 3000 dealers with in excess of 25.000 staff in an industry sector that is worth over £4 billion a year.

One of the main roles of BAGMA over the many years has been to ensure that new people are drawn into the land-based industry sector and that they have access to training and apprentice programs to ensure that they are fully trained to meet the developing technology that our industry uses, enjoys and benefits from. To this end BAGMA works with industry and the education system to ensure that there is always new talent coming into industry and that the existing talent has a clear career pathway to follow.

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