Agricultural Tractor Trailer Scheme

BAGMA Tractor Trailer Inspection and Brake Testing Course

A comprehensive training course for competent technicians with proven technical knowledge and experience of either agricultural or related off-highway vehicles.  Intended to train technicians to deliver the new BAGMA Agricultural Tractor Trailer Scheme (ATTS), this new two-day course will train and enable a competent technician to:-

• Inspect and assess a tractor, trailer or self-propelled vehicle’s physical condition according to recognised vehicle roadworthiness criteria
• Verify the correct functioning of the vehicle’s braking system
• Assess and quantify the vehicle’s braking performance (tractor, trailer, trailed implement or self-propelled vehicle)

Download the Agricultural Tractor Trailer Scheme Leaflet

The course content includes:

• Agricultural (road) vehicle rules and regulations
• Tractor and trailer braking systems – their Design, Construction & Operation
• Inspection and assessment of agricultural vehicle build spec. and physical condition / roadworthiness
• Verifying correct operation of tractor and trailer braking system components
• Measurement of tractor and trailer braking system performance (both theory and practical testing)
• Inspection and test result recording and certification.

Delivered by an experienced industry trainer, the course includes both classroom and practical training sessions.  Each technician receives a comprehensive Reference Guide which covers all aspects of the training and provides a ‘go-to’ reference for future use. To ensure good understanding of the course material, candidates must ‘pass’ a written examination at end of the 1st day to continue with the 2nd day of training.

To find out more information about this training course and the BAGMA Agricultural Tractor Trailer Scheme fill out the form at the bottom of the page or download the leaflet below.

Download the Agricultural Tractor Trailer Scheme Leaflet

Following training each candidate receives a BAGMA ID skills card, digital certificate, and report pads.

To help you implement the brake testing and inspections, download our equipment list guide here for the equipment you need.


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